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~~~Project 2050~~~

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace"
-Jimi Hendrix

~~~Project 2050~~~


Project 2050 is an attempt to help direct humanity onto an alternate universal dimensional time line path, of which there are an infinite number, to ensure that our prosperity, survival, continuity and evolutionary advancement proceeds in a manner that is the greatest benefit to all sentient life on Earth. A number of planks for this vision will be defined, expanded upon, linked and congruently explored.


-C4/I: Primary Principles

-Major Revolutionary Changes for the Human Species

-Critical Key Issues Facing Humanity:

-Global Climate Change: A Planetary Emergency
-The Global Water Crisis
-Diet For a New World
-Strategic Environment Initiative

   -The Nuclear Threat
   -Global Poverty/Overpopulation
   -World Hunger/ Global Starvation/ Planetary Famine
   -International Sustainable Development
   -Global Water Crisis
   -Earth Summit 2012
   -Global Warming
   -Global Environmental Center
   -Global Environmental Authority
   -Solar, Wind and Anti-Gravity
   -Anti-Gravity: Energy Source for the 21st Century
   -Stop the War, Feed the People, Save the Planet
   -Green World Order
   -The Resource Wars
   -The North-South Divide
   -Diet For a New World
   -Global Warming Linx
   -Greenland Ice Cap Melting
   -Global Climate Change- A Planetary Emergency
   -One World Government

-US Dept of Earth Security
-World Security Council
-Secret Space Program
-Zero Point and Anti-Gravitic Free Energy
-Global Marshall Plan to Save the Planet
-Building an Advanced Civilization on Earth
-The Eschaton

C4/I- Primary Principles:

1. Consciousness
2. Cosmology
3. Compassion
4. Cooperation
5. Intelligence


The central core problem of humanity is one of consciousness, or the lack thereof. Consciousness defines our reality. Whatever reality we have built and created for ourselves is directly related to our internal levels of evolutionary consciousness, intelligence and experience. Without consciousness, there is no evolution. Thus said, the very key to our survival and evolutionary advancement depends entirely on our ability to expand our consciousness individually and collectively as a species.

Education, obviously, takes center stage in this most critical arena.

Education can take many forms; experiential, institutional and societal with regards to media and information access.


Planet Earth from Space. A picture is worth a thousand words:


Human compassion is predominantly a female attribute, exemplified in the care, nuturance and life enhancing qualitites and requirements for birthing and rearing children, yet this characteristic is also innately found in many males as well, particularily those who are vegan/vegetarian and who are predominantly politically progressive. Compassion is dialectically opposed to the war, death and destruction attributes of the current military-industrial-intelligence-security complex, which is chiefly responsible for destroying this planet- both on a conscious and physical level.


The principle of cooperation is one of unity consciousness. Within any given species on Earth, cooperation, rather than competition, ensures cohesion, security, survival and continuity rather than division, conflict, self-interest and ultimately, devolution. Cooperation is obviously the very key, along with higher consciousness, a coherent cosmology and an enshrined degree of compassion within the human heart, to the survival and evolutionary advancement of the human enterprise on Earth on into the 21st century and beyond.


Intelligence is the culmination of higher levels of consciousness, cosmology, compassion and cooperation among the hearts and minds of the human species. Both individually and collectivly, intellegence is the defining characteristic in our ability to discern truth from error. Intelligence is also a reflection of our ability to develop a comprehencive knowledge base which leads to the creation, exercise and command of wisdom. Higher levels of intelligence and wisdom define the maturity and evolutionary advancement of the human condition. It is intelligence, or the lack thereof, that will determine the trajectory for humanity's future destiny.


Critical crises and major revolutionary changes are coming upon the human species in the 21st century- and they're coming in fast. Those who prepare, institutionalize the needed changes and stay ahead of the curves will prosper greatly in the years and decades to come. Willingly or per force, human civilization is moving into a coming Green World Order. That means sustainability and going green on every level of society worldwide. If we wish to survive as a species, this is the only future alternative. All other efforts to continue on with 'business as usual' will fail. We are OUT OF TIME. We have reached (and some would argue, we have already passed) the critical threshold through which we will either evolve or perish as a species.


The goal of creation for all sentient beings is fullfillment and spiritual advancement towards perfection. Fullfillment and evolutionary advancement through experience can take many forms in both the material and spiritual worlds and realms. There exists an entire heirarchy of sentient life in the Cosmos, from the basest level of creature organism to the highest, most exalted level of conscious mind and spirit perfection. Thus said, our current dilemna here on Planet Earth in the early 21st century is one embued with critical life threatening circumstances. The three greatest existential threats facing Mankind at this hour are; 1) Global Climate Change, 2) The Fukushima nuclear radiation meltdowns in Japan, and 3) World overpopulation. Tangential issues that factor into these three major threats include the current 'out of control' global military industrial intelligence security complex, monumental resource shortages (food, water, energy etc...) and, most importantly, the extraterrestrial fallen angelic heirarchy that currently overshadows and directs the fallen affairs of Mankind today on Earth. From this platform, I will now codify the major threats now facing humanity and offer the much needed changes and solutions that will be required for us to survive the 21st century as a species.


Global Climate Change is undountedly the #1 international security threat to Mankind at the beginning of the 21st century.

In all truthfullness, it is a "planetary emergency" of incredible magnitude and scope that not only threatens the survival of human civilization, but, in fact, all sentient life on Earth.

International scientific consensus has concluded that greenhouse gases are the primarly cause of Global Climate Change, otherwise known as 'Global Warming'.

According to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) rose to roughly 380ppm- {parts per million}- in 2007, compared to pre-industrial levels of 280ppm back in the early 1700's. As of 2017, global average cardon dioxide levels have surpassed 400ppm.

Human activity, through the burning and combustion of fossil fuels {oil, natural gas and coal etc}, is the primary cause of this dramatic increase. The hydrocarbon economy is projected to elevate CO2 emissions to between a range of 540-970ppm by the end of the 21st century, in turn, leading to an average global surface temperature rise of between 1.1- 6.4 degrees Celsius (2.0- 11.5 degrees Farenheit). It is known that CO2 levels are substantially higher now than at any time in the last 750,000 years.

Increases in global temperatures are expected to cause massive melting of the polar ice caps, particularily the North Pole and in areas of Greenland, leading to an intensity of extreme weather events on the planet, including significant changes in the amount and pattern of precipitation. Other expected effects include an increase in planetary desertification, changes in agricultural yields, massive glacier melts, species extinction and a proliferation of new insect disease vectors worldwide.

The biggest factor of present concern is the increase in CO2 levels brought on by emissions of fossil fuel combustion. Other factors that have led to an increase in global greenhouse gases include; changing land use patterns, ozone level variations, methane and aerosol releases, animal agriculture and, specifically, deforestation. However, fossil fuel burning has produced approximately 3/4ths of the increase in global CO2 levels from human activity these past 50 years.

On a planetary scale, every one degree increase at the equator brought on by Global Warming translates into a 10 degree increase in temperature at the poles. This leads to progressively warmer heat ranges towards both the northern and southern polar regions, as well as to higher elevations on the continents.

The current so-called "bark beetle" infestation of whole swaths of forest land, particularily in the northern hemisphere, is a direct result of warming temperatures throughout the world brought on for the most part by the burning of fossil fuels -gas guzzling SUV's, airline flights, industrial emissions etc.

Another critical aspect of Global Climate Change concerns the rapidly melting glacial ice coming from Greenland, which will, in turn, affect the thermohaline current of the Gulf Stream responsible for bringing warmer water and temperatures to Europe (particularily the United Kingdom) and the East Coast of the USA.

Such a disruption will most likely plunge these areas of the world into a climate comparable to frozen Siberia in the winter, once this heat belt begins to shut down due to a dissolution of the alkalinity and temperature variations of the ocean water environment, which currently drives the current northward from the equator.

Global Warming will also reduce the albedo effect of the planet, due to decreased snow and ice cover from annual melts at the polar regions, in particular, revealing dark ground and ice/water underneath, resulting in even more absorption of solar radiation. This causes more warming, faster melting and the cycle feeds upon itself ad infinitum...

Global Climate Change represents a supreme planetary "crisis" for the human enterprise on Earth. At the same time, though, it also represents a supreme "opportunity" to evolve our society into an advanced, free, non-polluting and energy abundant world.

Solar, wind and anti-gravity (energy) will replace the current antiquated hydrocarbon/fossil fuel energy economy in all realms of human endeavor. In the critical area of transportation, a radically new paradigm is emerging to help transit our civilization from off the gas and oil spiget: Decentralized solar photovoltaic panels on households are to provide energy to power an emerging fleet of electric cars now beginning to make their debut on the world scene, particularily in the city of San Francisco, California, USA- the purported new electric car capital of the world. The new Tesla Roadster prototype electric car goes from 0-60 mph in just under 4 seconds and has a range of between 200-250 miles per charge.

Anti-gravity, however, is the single free energy source that will revolutionize the entire matrix of human society once it is harnessed, and may very well propell us to the stars and beyond in the fullness of time...


"We know that 5 million people, most of them children, die every year from illnesses caused by poor drinking water.
If we do not change our ways, by the year 2025, as much as two-thirds of the world will be living in either water scarcity
or total water deprivation."

-Maude Barlow, Author of 'Blue Covenant'

Water is the most precious resource on the planet as humanity enters the 21st century. Many areas of the world are already experiencing severe water shortages. In the next 2 decades it is estimated that freshwater use by humans will increase by 40 percent worldwide. In addition, the water demands for industry, energy and agriculture will grow rapidly to keep up with growing population demand.

Freshwater is a very scarce resource indeed. Only 2.5 percent of the world's water is fresh (not-salty), and two-thirds of that is locked up in glaciers and icecaps. Of the remaining amount, some 20 percent is in areas too remote for human access, and of the remaining 80 percent about three-quarters comes at the wrong time and place- with monsoons and floods- and is not captured for use by people. The remainder is less than .08 (eight-tenths) of 1 percent of the total amount of water on the planet. About 70 percent of this water is used in agriculture to grow food and fiber on which society depends. The remaining 30 percent is used for municipal water use, for households and industry.

Over the past 20 years, more than 2.4 billion people (the current total world population as of 2017 is 7.5 billion and growing rapidly) have gained access to the global water supply and 600 million to sanitation. Yet more than 1-2 billion do not have adequate access at all to freshwater and 3 billion do not have adequate sanitation.

Throughout the world, aquifers are being mined at an unprecedented rate. Water tables are dropping fast in fossil aquifers across the Western United States, and water tables are falling as much as a meter a year in many parts of Mexico, India, Yemen and China.

On almost all accounts, from service coverage to scarcity and water quality, poor countries of the Global South have experienced worsening conditions since they have rapid growth and immediate need and demand for water for people, food (agriculture) and industry. And since 3 billion people in developing countries still live on less than US$2.00/day, water shortages and environmental degredation have become the norm, making clean water availability a scarcer and scarcer resource to aquire. Meanwhile, global population demands increase their "tap" on the finite (and dwindling) global water supply, reducing availability and cleanliness to all in need.

In the Middle East, water resources shared by Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Syria are not sufficient to meet growing demands for freshwater needs. Annual human use of the region's water resources currently surpasses the safe or sustainable annual freshwater yield. Future deficits are predicted to be quite severe. The scarcity of freshwater in this region compounded by the historical, political and religious tensions, makes the Middle East one of the most intractable water disputes to be found anywhere on the planet. Desalinization, water imports (specifically from water rich Turkey), conservation, improved water technology and reclaimation of wastewater will help bring water use equilibrium to the area, if implemented and distributed equally amongst all the peoples and nations in the region.

The need for a more integrated approach to global water management is increasingly evident. This arises from the widespread scarcity, gradual reduction and aggravated pollution of freshwater resources in many regions of the world. It is safe to say that water is the gold of the 21st century. The potential for international conflict over water rights is very high, given that half of the world's land surface lies in international water basins. As the vast majority of water is used in agricultural production, there are conflicting objectives between the desire to conserve and enhance diminishing water resources and the need to increase water availability and food production for a growing world population.

Population growth and groundwater depletion represent the 2 most significant threats to global water stability for the peoples and nations of the world. The current rate of groundwater depletion and consumption today is not sustainable. Natural recharge rates are not keeping up with increasing demand and many water tables across the globe are receding at an alarming rate. Groundwater aquifers contain roughly 95% of the water consumed by human civilization today, while rain, rivers and lakes make up the remaining 5%.

As well, global water resources are not distributed evenly across the planet, nor is water available at all times of the year in many regions. Water usage in the developed nations in the North differs highly between those in the developing nations of the South. The Third World uses 90% of their water for agriculture, whereas in the developed North, only 50-70% is used for growing food.

In the last century alone, water usage by all peoples on Earth has nearly doubled, while at the same time, population levels have nearly tripled. In the last 50 years, the world's urban population has exploded. Currently, there are an estimated 23 megacities worldwide. A megacity is defined as a city with an estimated population of more than 10 million people. By 2015, the number of megacities is expected to grow to 36. 50% of all the people on the planet are now considered to be urban dwellers who live in cities. This has resulted in the utilization of luxuries such as flush toilets, showers and washing machines that have, in turn, drastically increased demand on finite residential supplies of water.

According to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), over 1.2 billion people are affected by dirty polluted water contributing to up to 20 million child deaths every year. Corporate monocultural agriculture practices which use large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides, as well as industrial livestock production, both contribute greatly to the contamination of fresh water supplies. In China, 80% of the rivers are so polluted from upstream industrial effluent that fish cannot survive in them.

If current water consumption trends continue, it has been estimated that water shortages could cause the loss of up to 350 million metric tonnes of crop losses in a world with growing food demands. Water contamination, industrial and residential diversion, the depletion of aquifers and the effects of global climate change (particularily in the US state of California- commonly referred to as the 'bread-basket of the world'), will be responsible for this overall loss in global agricultural productivity.

The Himalayan and Andes glaciers, whose rivers and runoff support the lives of billions of people downstream, are shrinking in size every year thanks primarily to the effects of global warming. In addition to the loss of forestland upstream, seasonal flooding and decreased river flow in the dry seasons have resulted in leaving many with a water deficit in times of greatest need during the year.

The Nile river, which runs through Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, exemplifies the potential for future water conflicts. The banks of the Nile support one of the most densely populated areas on the planet. As population and land use pressures increase over time, conflict is inevitable. This dynamic is especially true in China, one of the most heavily populated and water poor countries on Earth. The potential for future water wars between peoples and nations will very likely tear domestic and international relations at the seams, however, the global water crisis also has the unique opportunity to foster international cooperation and management of this most precious of resources.

In the coming years and decades, the global water crisis will become much more acute worldwide. As global population rates add over a billion people to the Earth every 15 years now, the Earth's finite capacity to provide clean, safe drinking water to all members of the human family will be seriously diminished. Population growth notwithstanding, pollution, groundwater depletion, global climate change and increasing demand will severely impede the growth, health and well-being of billions living now, and in future generations, if steps are not now immediately taken by the international community to develop strategies of cooperation, trust and urgent global management of this single most critical of resources.

In lieu of the forementioned developments regarding access to water, global water cartels are bound to arise. Indeed, many have already and are today working to exploit the world's freshwater resources for corporate profit. As water does, in fact, become the new "gold" of the 21st century, due to its inherent and projected scarcity, it is no suprise that transnational corporations are jumping at the prospect of privatizing the world's water supply for profit. Thus said, I believe all efforts must be made to keep water resources free and available to all without regard to economic status, as well as designate water access and use as a common right to all sentient life on Earth.

According to Maude Barlow in her book, 'Blue Covenant', there are 3 facets of the global water crisis we are now experiencing: Dwindling freshwater supplies, inequitable access to water and the corporate control (privatization) of global water supplies. All 3 facets play into the current global eugenics agenda operated by the global elite to deny large segments of the world's population access to to the most basic amenities of simple survival, in this case, water. Along with global climate change, the global water crisis is being used to purposely destroy the lives of billions of lives across the planet. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Another world is possible.

The global water crisis is exacerbated by global climate change to the degree that large areas of the world's oceans and land surfaces are experiencing a general warming of their respective environments. In the world's oceans, this is resulting in the expansion of sea water volume brought about from thermal temperature expansion and inputs of huge amounts of fresh water from polar melting at both of the ice caps (including Greenland). On land, the spread of drought and desertification has increased significantly. In Australia, the American Mid-west and in the US state of California, drought conditions will continue to cause severe water shortages in these regions on into the foreseeable future.

As a key component of the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional global crisis that humanity is now beginning to experience here on Earth, the global water crisis, as severe as it is now and is projected to become, is also a grand opportunity to forge a world water security agency or council, that on behalf of all humanity, works to not only secure equitable and sustainable access and distribution of the world's water requirements, but also lays the foundation for providing future generations with their water security needs as well.

The world needs to come together and recognize that we are one species on this planet. We need to rise-up and collectively say 'no' to the billions that go into building and maintaining a Trident nuclear submarine, for example, and re-direct those desperately needed funds into providing clean, accessible, fresh water to every single member of the human family. Its time for the human race to abandon a eugenics program that not only purposely denies water access to the poor, but deliberately dumps toxic chemicals such as fluoride and other carcinogenic substances into the water supplies of cities and municipalities with the objective to kill and control a population. Rather, its time to get onto a track that honors, cares and embraces the miracle that is life on Earth.

One view from space says it all: We are a water planet. 70% of the Earth's surface is, in fact, water. 90% of our bodies are water. Water is the source and sustainer of life as we know it. Without it we perish. Water is so basic and so fundamental to everything we are and do, how can we possibly ignore it? Along with access to food, the air we breathe, the warmth we feel from the sun and the human community that sustains us all, we can't even function, think or exist without adequate supplies of clean, fresh water to nourish our bodies or to bath in. Truely, the time has come for the human species to evolve to a level of consciousness, intelligence and being that not only honors, respects and revers water as the giver and sustainer of life, but works to equitably share and sustain this most precious of Earth's endowments for future generations.


"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men."

-Leonardo da Vinci

There's a major food revolution occuring in our world today. It is a move away from a largely beef-centered, meat-based diet towards one that is clean, organic, healthy and vegetarian.

Here are a few statistics worth noting:

- The beef industry has contributed to more health-related deaths than all the wars, natural disasters and automobile accidents of the 20th century combined.
- Plant sources of protein alone can provide more than adequate amounts of the essential amino acids necessary for optimum human performance and health.
- Eight billion broiler chickens are killed for food in the United States each year. There are 20 billion livestock on Earth- more than triple the number of human beings.
- To produce 1 lb of beef requires 5,214 gallons of water. To produce 1 lb of tomatoes, potatoes, wheat or carrots requires roughly only 25 gallons each. Nearly 1/2 of the water consumed in the United States is used for livestock.
- More than 2/3rds of the entire land area of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Idaho (in the USA) is used for rangeland. The whole of the American west absolutely stinks of cattle.
- The #1 factor in the elimination of latin american tropical rainforests is cattle-grazing and beef production for fast food restaurants in the USA.
- Today, more than 1 billion people on this planet do not have enough to eat, while 40% of the world's grain is fed to livestock. The demand for meat among the rich is squeezing out staple food production for the world's poor.
- The number of underfed and chronically malnourished people in the world is 1.2 billion. The number of overfed/chronically fat and overnourished people in the world is 1.2 billion.
- The amount of US produced corn eaten by people in the world is only 2 percent. The amount of US produced corn fed to livestock is at 77 percent.
- 2/3rds of the food sold in US supermarkets now include genetically engineered ingredients from companies such as Monsanto which grows 3/4ths of the world's transgenic crops.

Today's global agribusiness doesn't grow food for people. It grows it for animals, whose flesh, milk and eggs are then consumed en mass by human society.

The horrendous environmental and health impacts of modern meat production are profound and unsustainable, contributing to widespread world hunger, violent, lustful, low-life reptilian consciousness and the continuation of a "profits over people" lifestyle that can no longer be tolerated nor sustained on our planet.

A major revolution is now occuring reflecting the need for the human species to evolve into higher, lighter, cleaner, more intelligent and environmentally sustainable modes of food production, consumption and living- eating lower on the food chain- so that all may be fed.

The promotion of a largely vegan and vegetarian diet is very much needed worldwide today in order to ween the masses off an unneeded and environmentally harmful meat based diet, especially in the developed nations of the North where the problem is most acute.

The shift to less concentrated, lighter vegetarian diets will eliminate the need to cut down large swaths of the planet's tropical rainforests in order to grow beef. That rainforest needs to remain intact for biodiversity and climatic regulatory reasons. Hence, a prime rationale to shift to plant based foods.

I believe the shift into a largely vegetarian diet is a critical next step in the evolution of human consciousness. I also believe that this particular issue, in and of itself, has the greatest potential to uplift the collective consciousness of the human family and evolve our species into a peaceful, non-violent and highly intelligent planetary civilization.

A diet for a new world is one that ceases consuming animal flesh and instead relies largely on plant, tree and root based foods to supply the nutritional and dietary requirements for optimal health and well being. One thing is for sure, the shift to a largely vegetarian diet will definately lower the violent, aggressive and hyper-competitive tendencies associated with meat eating. Vegetarian diets transform and uplift human consciousness, promote a more peaceful, non-violent existence and radically change the rules of the game for human society. Plant based diets are eco-friendly, good for both the person and the planet. i believe a species shift from meat eating to largely vegetarian diets is the vital key issue that will do the most to evolve, change, transform and Save Our Planet from the largely destructive path we are now on. I say so because consciousness is the defining element of our reality. As we change our consciousness (and a vegetarian diet WILL change one's consciousness), so too, do we change our world. As such, nothing is more important now than changing, salvaging and bringing peace to our world today.

One of the major benefits of a vegetarian diet is that people are able to eat lower on the food chain. We live in a very toxic world. It is common knowledge that our world environment is filled with toxic chemicals. It is known that chemical toxins such as lead, mercury, PCB's, pesticides, dioxins, radioactive isotopes (from nuclear testing) and the like, bio-accumulate their toxicity the further one goes up the food chain. A piece of fish, chicken or beef may have between 10 to 100 to 1000 times more chemical toxicity concentrated in its flesh than say, a head of broccoli, a loaf of wheat bread or a serving of high carbohydrate pasta. This is because it usually takes a tremendous amount of plant material, and water, to produce a pound of beef, for example. As such, toxicity builds up to very lethal levels in more highly concentrated protein foods such as those derived from animal flesh. As a general rule, the lower one eats on the food chain, the lower ones risk of chemical toxicity. Of course, this also translates into better health as well as a lesser chance of contracting cancer, heart disease, stroke and a myriad of other forms of industrial disease.

Recognizing the fact that we have billions of men, women and children today suffering and dying from the effects of hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to suggest that grain currently used to feed cattle needs to be re-directed into feeding people. The growth and consumption of meat-based products, by their very nature, removes the ability of billions worldwide to properly feed and sustain themselves. In this way, meat eating could almost be seen as a crime being perpetrated against the poor. Until we, as a species, learn to honor and respect the rights of all sentient beings (that includes animals as well as people) to be free from the pain and suffering of hunger and deprivation, we remain a species without a conscience and continue to languish in a level of consciousness that is unable to lift itself up by the bootstraps and maturely pass through the comprehensive global crisis that is now upon us all. Its time to level the playing filed and balance out those 1.2 billion people who are overstuffed with those 1.2 billion people who are starved. Its time to shift human civilization from a meat based diet towards one that is vegan and vegetarian based, so that all may enjoy the right to life and the fullness thereof, regardless of race, nationality or social status on this planet.

The slaughter of billions of cattle, chickens, pigs and fish for human consumption must needs be come to an end. Not only is it inhuman and barbarian to slaughter and eat the flesh of animals, it is unnecessary and unhealthy to do so. Human nutritional requirements, especially in the area of protein intake, can be fullfilled in other environmentally friendly ways. With enough intelligence and understanding, fruits, nuts and other planet products can easily provide humans with the core amounts of vitamins, minerals and protein nutrients necessary to live healthy, productive and active lives.

According to John Robbins in his widely acclaimed book, "The Food Revolution: How your diet can help save your life and the world", world meat production has quadrupled in the last 50 years. There are now, on average, more than 20 billion livestock in existence, roughly triple the number of human beings on the Earth today. This production goes to supply the sprawling number of fast food restaurants and mega-chain supermarkets with their quotas of meat consumption and supply. Not only is this practice unnecessary, it is environmentally destructive and consumes vast amounts of resources such as fresh water, whose scarcity is now no longer in question.

As we shift into an emerging Age of Ecology, whose foundations must be under-girded with environmentally sustainable and green-based, ecofriendly ethics and values, it is becoming blatantly obvious that the production and consumption of large amounts of meat must swiftly and expeditiously come to a complete and utter end. Its now time to phase out, decommission and ultimately end the production of animal flesh for human consumption. Its time to take the next step in human evolution.

The transition to a green world will, therefore, be based on the widespread incorporation of localized, sustainable and organic agricultural practices and operations in order to supply the food and nutritional needs of the masses of humanity who now, and will continue to, populate this planet. Petroleum based pesticides and herbicides need to be rapidly phased out as well as we make the shift from a hydrocarbon based economy to an economy based on alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and anti-gravity.

Organic farming techniques inherently protect and preserve the environment on which healthy food production depends. Most big agribusinesses of today do just the opposite. They exploit, run down and destroy the very soil and water resources upon which they depend. Centralized mechanized/monocultrual agricultural production consumes huge amounts of natural capital and non-renewable energy whose harvest today goes disproportionately towards meeting the needs of the meat industry. We need to reverse this trend, outlaw non-sustainable agriculture and put the human enterprise on a path that is vegetarian, organic, sustainable and renewable both for ourselves and in respect for future generations. Sustainable organic agriculture is the only viable alternative and solution to an environmentally destructive and debased corporate oligarchical meat and monocultural based society whose "profit over people" motive no longer serves the best interests of humanity.

Another devolutionary turn in the human food production business has been the advent of the food biotech industry. Genetically modified organisms (GMO's), otherwise known as genetically modified or transgenic food, has unfortunately, wrongly and insidiously, found its way into our diets. GMO food, euphemistically known as "frankenfood"- and rightly so- is food that has been altered or genetically manipulated in some way. It is food that has been grown with the unnatural task of primarily manipulating its color, volume, taste, insect resistance, pesticide production qualities and/or other programmed properties. Whenever you splice insect, rodent, fish, spider, pig or other genes into food to enhance their quality or value in any way, you invariably not only do damage to the strain or species you are manipulating, you similiarily do harm to those who consume these types of hellish products.

Monsanto, Astra-Zeneca, DuPont, Novartis and Aventis, the world's 5 biggest biotech companies, account for most of the world's market for GMO food and seeds. In addition to producing seeds that are rendered sterile after a crop is harvested- known as "terminator" seeds- the Monsanto corporation has also been spiking milk products with genetically altered hormones called rBGH or Posilac, used to fatten up cows. Monsanto's rBGH contains up to 10 times more the amount of IGF-1 (insulin growth factor) than is in normal milk. Higher levels of IGF-1 are suspected of increasing the risks of prostate cancer in men and of breast cancer in women.

The commercialization of GMO/trangenic crops and food have found their way into a large percentage of the corn, soybeans and seed oil used in alot of products the world currently consumes. Some estimates put the amount of GMO corn and corn products in our diet at 90%. 95% of the corn and soybean meal that is fed to livestock in the USA is GMO. That means nearly every meat, poultry, egg or dairy product in the USA contains genetically altered substances.

I contend that the manufacture and promotion of meat-base diets and GMO foods are part of an overall global eugenics operation. I believe the deliberately condoned effects of global climate change, severe incoming global water shortages, the continuation of a failed and imploding hydrocarbon economy, the introduction and use of GMO food and a bloated global war machine, are collectively working together to function as an insidious and evil elitist campaign designed specifically to sterilize, destroy and depopulate a large segment of the human population on this planet. It is precisely this agenda that stands in the way and blocks the development and formation of a global green society.

On one level, the corporate forces of death need to be confronted and exposed for who and what they are. On a more important level, the human species needs to develop, build and break through these impediments with the forces of life and the promotion, support and institution of vegetarianism, sustainable organic agriculture and food products free of GMO ingredients. Jeffrey Smith, author of the books, "Seeds of Deception" and "Genetic Roulette", has recently offered a guide to consumers that identifies GMO food not to buy. This can be found online at: http://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com.

In as so far as humanity embraces an ecofriendly, green based, sustainable and vegetarian lifestyle, so too will our collective consciousness as a species be changed. So too will the world be changed. As mentioned previously, I can think of no other factor more important in the struggle to Save our Planet than a large scale species conversion to a largely vegetarian based diet.

This new diet for a new world represents a quantum leap in consciousness for the human species. It is the opportunity to develop and institute alternative, sustainable and earth friendly ways of nourishing our bodies as well as our souls. The era and practice of killing animals and consuming their flesh belongs to the dark age from which it originated. In the coming Age of Ecology, meat eating will be seen as but a sad chapter in the long distance affairs of all things madly human.

-Diet for a New World/John Robbins:


The Strategic Environment Initiative (SEI)/Mission to Planet Earth narrative was initially developed by Vice president of the USA Al Gore in his book, "Earth in the Balance". This Sustainability Revolution is carried forward through Al Gore's following books and lays out a progressive environmental platform through which the human species can develop into an advanced, sustainable and survivable world civilization. National and international political, economic, social and religious policies geared towards the preservation and protection of our biosphere and all life on Earth is obviously the central organizing principle of such an Initiative.

1. The Nuclear Threat
2. Global Poverty/Overpopulation
3. World Hunger/ Global Starvation/ Planetary Famine
4. International Sustainable Development
5. Global Water Crisis
6. Earth Summit 2012
7. Global Warming
8. Global Environmental Center
9. Global Environmental Authority
10. Solar, Wind and Anti-Gravity
11. Anti-Gravity: Energy Source for the 21st Century
12. Stop the War, Feed the People, Save the Planet
13. Green World Order
14. The Resource Wars
15. The North-South Divide
16. Diet For a New World
17. Global Warming Linx
18. Greenland Ice Cap Melting
19. Global Climate Change- A Planetary Emergency
20. One World Government



The US Dept of Homeland Security in the USA is an anachronism. This massive federal bureaucracy is the largest federal expansion in the last 50 years and has absolutely NO PLACE in America. This institution should have not even been built in the first place. This is NOT about preserving the national "homeland", this is about preserving and protecting our global biosphere. Current so-called "national security" priorities, geared towards terrorism and the promotion of a sprawling national fascist military prison/police state infrastructure are completely out of step with regards to addressing the REAL threats to our international security needs today, which are predominantly ENVIRONMENTAL. The entire national security state complex in America, in which the US Dept of Homeland Security is a central component, needs to be completely criminalized, gutted, converted and retrofitted towards meeting the national and now INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL threats to our future security and survival as a species. A US Dept of EARTH Security will completely overturn and overthrow the current antiquated military-industrial-intelligence-security complex and reprioritize national and international security along the lines of meeting head-on the REAL global ENVIRONMENTAL threats that are a clear and present danger to our collective continuity as a species. A new US Dept of EARTH Security will confront the 3 major world crises' now threatening our planet: global climate change, nuclear radiation pollution from Fukushima and world overpopulation. Its time to outlaw war and build global conflict resolution mechanisms and facilities. Its time to confront the world water, soil and food shortage crises'. Its time to arrest global deforestation and desertification trends and work to end the species extinction crisis that is wiping out all precious life on Earth. We need solutions to urban sprawl and the spread of poverty, pollution and pestilence trends which are rapidly expanding all over the planet. A new US Dept of EARTH SECURITY will facilitate the introduction and spread of alternative/free energy sources such as solar, wind, zero-point and anti-gravitic energies and technologies. This department will work to rapidly transit our nation and our civilization out of the current failed and highly destructive hydrocarbon economy and set us on a sustainable energy path of peace, prosperity, abundance, equality and progress for all. And, most importantly, this new US Dept of EARTH SECURITY will work to build a global green world order based on principles of sustainability, the redistribution of wealth and the preservation of life and liberty for all throughout the world.

-Saving the Planet/Online Book:
Saving the Planet


Its time to form a world security council, in fact, its long overdue. Every single one of the political, economic, social, religious and environmental crises' before the human species today are global in nature, therefore, they can only be solved in a new international global climate of mutual cooperation, mutual assistance, common purpose and transnational interdependence. Nationalism, though unique amongst the world peoples, cultures and nations must become subservient to the greater international needs of planet management, international security and the preservation and protection of life and the biosphere. A world security council of perhaps 10-12 people, selected from the most influential and representative nations on Earth, needs to come into formation and begin to rapidly incorporate and exercise its authority over the major ENVIRONMENTAL crises' that are now threatening the human species and all life on Earth with extinction. Its time for decisive global leadership towards building a sustainable and survivable world civilization for Mankind on into the 21st century and beyond. A world security council will greatly facilitate the critical transition towards the construction and successful operation of a Green World Order.


There has long existed a hidden secret space program operating independently and clandestinely of all national governments. Antigravitic technology for power, flight and propulsion was developed as early as 1954 and since then has provided the free energy power and propulsion sources for a myriad number of anti-gravitic craft that comprise the backbone of a Secret Space Program that has been operating beyond our planet for decades. Secret bases on the Moon and Mars are practically a given. Extensive exploration of our solar system has obviously now been accomplished as well without the knowledge, understanding or consent of the vast majority of people on Earth. Reports and testimonies have come forth over the years documenting that superluminal transdimensional flight has been achieved technologically and that a very small cadre of interstellar astronauts are engaged in extensively exploring and perhaps colonizing nearby star systems. How this can be accomplished on a planet where over 1/2 of its population is literally starving and where the ecological foundations of our biosphere are in imminent danger of collapse is testimonial proof as to how 'out of control' and how 'out of balance' we are as a species and as a civilization.

see urls:

Secret Space Program:
Secret Space Program You Tube Channel/Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA9iiA4pxNRYxZDW_6oWbKw
Advanced Antigravitic Terrestrial Craft and Technology: http://antarctica777.tripod.com/chapter8.html


Zero Point and Anti-gravitic free energy technologies are THE energy sources for the 21st century. Both technologies have been extensively developed and now await their introduction, incorporation and use within our global society. Everyday that goes by without their benefit is another day that pollutes and destroys our biosphere and the livelihood of our future generations with an antiquated and failed hydrocarbon economy. Currently, these technologies are being deliberately sequestered in military black budget unacknowledged special access projects within the global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex. If it takes an act of God, then these technologies will be revealed and developed commercially within the energy, transportation, manufacturing, agricultural, informational and international development sectors of our global economy. The War industry is over. All efforts must now be made to secure our planet from the ravages of global climate change, nuclear radiation (from fukushima and elsewhere) and world overpopulation. Free energy technologies will lift all boats and provide the human species with limitless and abundant free energy systems that will give us the ability to completely eliminate poverty, environmental destruction and the inevitable descent into resource shortages and war.

see urls:

-Sirius Disclosure/Free Energy:
-Dr Steven Greer on the Deep National Security State: https://youtu.be/KDHufG7wCnw
-Solar, Wind and Anti-Gravity: https://stp.neocities.org/#chapter7
-Zero Point Energy/THRIVE: What on Earth Will it Take?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s
-Antigravity for Power and Propulsion: http://antigrav7.simplesite.com


The Global Marshall Plan is a plan first devised by former American Vice-President Al Gore in his bestselling book "Earth in the Balance", which gives specific ideas on how to save the global environment.

Gore states: "The model of the Marshall Plan can be of great help. For example, a Global Marshall Plan must focus on strategic goals and emphasize actions and programs that are likely to remove the bottlenecks presently inhibiting the healthy functioning of the global economy. The new global economy must be an inclusive system that does not leave entire regions behind. The new plan will require the wealthy nations to allocate money for transferring environmentally helpful technologies to the Third World and to help impoverished nations achieve a stable population and a new pattern of sustainable economic progress. To work, however, any such effort will also require wealthy nations to make a transition themselves that will be in some ways more wrenching than that of the Third World."

Global Marshall Plan: Five strategic goals "In my view, five strategic goals must direct and inform our efforts to save the global environment":

stabilizing of world population the rapid development of environmentally appropriate technologies a comprehensive change in the economic "rules of the road" by which we measure the impact of our decisions on the environment negotiation & approval of a new generation of international agreements a cooperative plan for educating the world's citizens about our global environment.

The idea is based on the post-WWII Marshall Plan that saw the United States send billions of dollars to European nations to rebuild their war shattered economies.

In order to further the idea of a GMP and to coordinate the various initiatives, NGOs, scientists, activists and groups in the field of development cooperation and global social justice the Global Marshall Plan Initiative was founded by members of the Club of Rome, the Club of Budapest, the Eco-Social Forum Europe, ATTAC and other organisations in Frankfurt, Germany in 2003. The two main objectives are to find new ways and sources of financing in development cooperation, predominantly pursuing the Millennium Development Goals of the UN and the worldwide propagation of the eco-social market economy, which is considered to be one of today's key strategies of initiative.

see urls:

1) Global Marshall Plan to Save the Planet:
2) Global Marshall Plan to Balance the World: http://www.globalmarshallplan.org/
3) Global Marshall Plan- Network of Spiritual Progressives: http://spiritualprogressives.org/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Global-Marshall-Plan-1.pdf
4) Global Marshall Plan, by Steven Craig Jones: http://globalmarshallplan.neocities.org

==> Online Book: Global Marshall Plan: A Planetary Contract For a Worldwide Eco-Social Market Economy, by Franz Josef Radermacher
==> Amazon Books: Global Marshall Plan: A Planetary Contract For a Worldwide Eco-Social Market Economy, by Franz Josef Radermacher


Human civilization on Earth in the early 21st century is obviously NOT an advanced world order. Racial divisions, environmental destruction, nation state warfighting, worldwide poverty, species extinction, global pestilence, ozone depletion, planetwide radiation poisoning and a whole slew of political, economic, social, environmental and religious dysfunctionalities plague the human species. Humanity as a whole consistently fails to come to grips with its special purpose, providence and place in the Universe. Viewing the EARTH from space is truly a glorious site to behold. Life, activity, consciousness and intelligence stirs amongst a backdrop of cold, black, lifeless, inanimate and infinite space- truly a gem of a planet embedded within a literal cosmic infinity of stellar and galactic creation. The progress of human evolution is an extremely slow and laborious process. It has taken billions of years to create life, millions of years to create civilization, thousands of years to create institutions, nation states, empires and governments, hundreds of years to end the practice of slavery, decades to develop a global communications system known as the internet and mere years to experience the emergence of millions of the world's citizens rise up and protest against war, racism, environmental destruction and religious persecution. We are now in a time period of quantum change, that is, a time of near instantaneous revolution, evolution and fundamental transformation, both within our own consciousness and on the ground with regards to radically reshaping our society and our world at large for the benefit and survival of all life on Earth.

At this point, let us step back and see what an advanced civilization might look like:

An advanced civilization has ended all war against its peoples and nations and has terminated a multi-trillion dollar global military budget geared towards the creation, development and use of weapons that kill and maim its fellow planetary citizens. Such a civilization has provided free, abundant food, housing, clothing, education and health care to every single member of the human family on Earth. A guaranteed national income of $US 2500 per month, scaled appropriately to each nations monetary value, and provided to every needy man, woman and child anywhere has easily been accomplished. A mature, advanced human civilization has rectified the disparity that allowed 8 billionares to have more wealth than the botton 2/3rds of humanity (roughly 4- 5 billion people). This kind of gross inequality between rich and poor was not tolerated, nor was allowed to continue. A mature civilization has ended the use of an antiquated fossil fuel hydrocarbon economy that threatened and polluted the biosphere and has, instead, shifted to free, sustainable, non-polluting energy sources such as solar, wind, zero-point and anti-gravitic energy for power and propulsion. Nuclear power plants do not exist at all in an intelligent, well managed planet, for this type of energy generation will have long been criminalized and its adherents prosecuted and jailed for high environmental crimes against humanity. Human population levels in an advanced civilization are well within the 'carrying capacity' boundries of a sustainable, environmentally protected and responsible planetary administration. An advanced civilization has long since abandoned a system of wealth creation based on the negative human attributes of greed, self-interest and competition at the expense of the needs of others and the environment. Rather, such a society was founded upon the solid foundation of service to others drawing from the more positive human attributes of love, care, compassion and concern for the well-being of all members of the human family and the environment. A spiritually evolved and advanced human society has abolished the need for police, prisons and an intrusive spy and surveillance network that ruthlessly and maliciously violated citizen's privacy rights. Rather, privacy, free speech, religious liberty and the right to defend oneself are the primary principles used to promote the highest levels of freedom, liberty and human dignity amongst men. As well, women are obviously treated as full, equal members of the human community. There are no second class world citizens in an advanced civilization with regards to race, gender, religion or site specific nationaliy. Finially, an advanced world civilization has made the protection and preservation of the global environment a central organizing principle of its very existence. Both its prosperity and survival depend on a healthy, well functioning and balanced environmental operating base, without which, it will lose its continuity. An intelligent, well mananged planet is, in essence, a fully functioning green world order incorporating principles of sustainability, stewardship, nuturance, care and compassion for its environmental resource base through which all life draws its sustanence, prosperity and survival. Politically, there will have been made a permanent radical left wing progressive shift out of the right wing corporate world empire that was destroying our planet and threatening our childrens future.

Thus said, if developments DO NOT rapidly progress towards redistributing wealth and building an green world order for mankind by 2050 or sooner, then this evolutionary advancement towards a new planetary civilization will more likely than not result in the formation of a worldwide dictatorship in which many hard core right wing pro-military, pro-nationalistic, ultra-conservative, meat-eating, gas-guzzling types will face persecution and, ultimately, extermination.


***ESCHATON: A time period described in eschatological (study of the end times) writings and doomsday scenarios***

The current trajectory of the human enterprise on Earth is one of complete and utter societal collapse and ruin for billions of people if the great shift in planetary consciousness and human maturity fails to materialize. All of the world's monothestic religions- Judaism, Christianity and Islam- contain revelational reference to end time doomsday scenarios of great death, destruction and judgement at the end of time. Although much time and dispensational leeway has been given for mankind to evolve into advanced levels of consciousness and civilization- as can be found in texts such as the Urantia Book and others- there comes a time when world events reach a crescendo of progressive evolutionary reckoning and inevitability. Such is the current stage through which humanity is transiting through today in the early 21st century of human history. Hence, the eschaton.

The religion of Islam comprises at least 1.5- 2.0 billion adherents worldwide. In the Holy Koran is found the final scriptural revelation of a trinitarian doctrine of supreme revelation, salvation and judgement upon the affairs of mankind. As such, Islam is the quinessential 'key' doctrine which will define the future evolutionary trajectory of the human species. The critical variable here is time. We are OUT OF TIME. Human evolution will either advance and mature or it will devolve and ultimately destroy itself. These are the two paths before us. Simply put, Islam will either save or destroy the human enterprise. The choice is ours. Islam is the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. It will bring planetary salvation or it will bring the sword of planetary judgement. In essence, though, the Holy Spirit (the words and works of which are found in the Holy Koran) is the greater arbiter of human and celestial affairs. If
the Final Covenant is accepted and embraced, we will have achieved evolutionary maturity as a species. If rejected, it can only bring about great ruin, destruction and ultimately, extinction for the human race in the fullness of time. Even though we have already lost 50% of all precious life on Earth, there is still 50% left that's worth saving and preserving.

Let us always remember that GOD is merciful to HIS creatures and wishes us only to grow, experience, progress and evolve to perfection within an infinite universe of diversity, magnificence and evolutionary potential. Like it or not, it is the religion of Islam, and the perfection of the one true faith thereof, that will ultimately determine our future human destiny on Earth. Scripture and religion aside, there a few aspects of evolutionary potential that can greatly assist us in our spiritual evolutionary trajectory as a species- the primary principle of which is diet, specifically meat eating. Growing, slaughtering and consuming billions of animals annually must come to a complete and utter end. Meat eating is barbaric and takes away the nutrition, energy and water resources that are necessary to properly feed over 1/2 of humanity today that are literally starving to death. A vegetarian diet based on plants, grains, fruits, nuts and vegtables can easily meet the nutritional requirements for optimal human health. Even more so, a vegetarian lifestyle will help evolve our consciousness out of violence prone personalities and towards a more loving, compassionate, caring and nuturing state of being. This single issue, probably more than any other, can help arrest and turn around our incessant march towards biological and biospheric extinction.

Another important factor in evolving and transforming our individual and collective consciousness as a species has to do with expanding our sense of cosmic awareness. No other picture ever photographed in human history can compare in creating a new paradigm in human consciousness than those pictures taken by the Apollo manned moon missions. The picture of the Earth embedded in space from the moon is probably the greatest cosmic consciousness raising tool we have in overcoming our fractured nationalistic beliefs, our warfighting tendencies and our psychological disdain for the sacredness and preciousness of life on Earth. The "earthrise" picture should be displayed in every house, business and institution on Earth to give us a sense of our special place and purpose in the Universe. We would do well to display it on a future One World Earth Federation flag should we ever acheive such notoriety.

Finially, recognizing that we are in the eschaton of human history, its time to lay the moral, ethical, spiritual, evolutionary and religious cornerstone that will give us a solid foundation from which to pass through the trying times that we are now transiting through as a species. Its time to redesign and rebuild the holy temple in Jerusalem. This can be done in a way that will unify and represent the 3 great monothesitic religions on Earth- Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Roughly 2/3rds of all members of the human family today are subservient to one or more of these 3 great global religious faiths. A newly rebuilt temple in Jerusalem will not only help us meet head-on the end times eschaton which we are rapidly advancing through, but it will, more importantly, provide us an evolutionary platform through which we will at long last be worthy enough to finially meet our Creator. Up and until that great day, let us strive to build a sustainable, intelligent, advanced, well managed planetary civilization by 2050. This is the critical time frame we have to accomplish this task before world environmental crises overtake us. If we are lucky, we may have till 2100 depending on our ability to rapidly transit our civilization onto a green, environmentally sane, sustainable and survivable path of enlightened world order in the coming years and decades.

In summation, the eschaton before us presents the human species with the opportunity to evolve or perish. Events are forcing human consciousness to change direction and evolve us into more compassionate and intelligent beings. Only time will determine how successfully we will be to individually and collectively transcend and survive the coming revolutionary crises', trials and tribulations that are rapidly descending upon the Earth and its civilization at this hour. Let us therfore strive for perfection, even as our Father in heaven IS perfect.


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